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Plan Admission Criterions

Admission criterions of units and plans in Incubator are as follows:

  • The major plan and/or idea shall be innovative. Innovation means being new in terms of national, regional or international level.
  • Existence of market for final product (It seems effective to submit documents demonstrating priority of purchasers in selecting plan).
  • Implementation of plan shall be economical (The plan shall cover its own expenses within the forecasted mass production time in market and be profitable).
  • Plan shall be mature. It means the plan shall completed its research stage and it is not just an undeveloped idea.
  • The specialists required for manufacturing product and/or offering the desired services shall be present in working team of plan owner (as colleague or founder).
  • The plan shall be capable to technical search. In the other word, production of product or submission of services shall be feasible technically and concerning availability of facilities.
  • The plan owners shall have a registered legal and a newly-established company, and/or they shall establish and register a legal company after approval of plan in Council of Technology for locating and being supported. Those innovative and technological plans which has no registered legal company, and/or their working team is not completed, and/or the maturity degree of their plan is low, shall be entitled to be placed in pre-development (for six to nine months) provided that benefitting other conditions, and they can make use of infrastructures and supports of Incubator while completing their plan, working team and registering a company.