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Message of Head of Incubator

The main motto of state developmental plans is development based on wisdom. Producing customer-centric knowledge and transferring it to the area of technology seem to be the principal requirement of implementing knowledge-based plans. Doubtlessly, obtaining those goals requires a national honor and effort, and those who are engaged in management area should provide required infrastructure and tools. Incubators, as one of these infrastructure elements, plays an important role in this regard. Supporting establishment and development of small and medium-sized knowledge-based companies, technical expansion, obtaining target markets, having interactions with producers, employment and entrepreneurship in regional and local and even global networks are the significant duties of incubators.

Engaging in research and production of vaccines and biological products for more than 90 years, Razi Vaccine & Serum Research Center is one of the research and producing national, regional and international known and accredited institutes. Vaccine industry is one of the most strategic industries in hygienic, social, political and economic security, and fortunately our dear Islamic country today is benefitted a great and strategic institute which plays a key role in supplying internal needs, quitting dependency and savings in foreign currencies. In line with developing production technologies of vaccine and biologic products, this Institute took action to obtain license and commission “Razi Technology Incubator”, and supports knowledge-based companies active in the area of biotechnology, vaccine and biological products in coordination with the esteemed Scientific and Technological Deputy of the Presidency.