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Transfer of human pentavalent vaccine technology to the country

Deputy Director International Affairs & Global Trade Development of the Razi institute reported of a agreement letter regarding the exchange of human vaccines technology between Iran and India.

According to Iran Science Watch, Dr. Bahman Abedi Kiasari said: To heighten the level of the country’s capabilities in producing human vaccines, Razi institute is in the process of importing the technology to produce human pentavalent vaccine from India, by signing an agreement letter.  And, the Indian counterpart requested the transfer of the technology of a human virus vaccine from the Razi institute to India.

He declared: During the last week, the Indian assembly performed a field analysis of the capabilities of the Razi institute and visited its production lines.  It is scheduled that an assembly from the Razi institute shall visit the Indian company producing human pentavalent vaccines.

Deputy Director International Affairs & Global Trade Development of the Razi institute said: Since the Razi institute produces the components of the pentavalent vaccine, including diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis, and since the Pasteur institute of Iran produces Hepatitis B vaccine, we seek the technology to formulate these vaccines and produce human pentavalent vaccine in the country.

In addition, due to the long history of the Razi institute in producing human virus vaccines, the Indian counterpart is willing to obtain the technology of these vaccines from the Razi institute.  An agreement letter has been signed by the two parties.

Abedi Kiasari said: Presently, the pentavalent vaccine is imported via the Ministry of Hugiene and Medical Education, and annually millions of dollars leave the country leave the country for importing these.

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