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America and Japan broke the monopoly in the production of "ultracentrifugation" by Iran

Deputy Chairman of Razi said technology development, design and manufacture of high speed centrifugation (ultracentrifugation) that is used in the production of vaccines and drugs is on the agenda of Razi Institute.

Bahman Abedi Kiasari, deputy chairman of the Razi Institute in the field of science and technology with the announcement in October said ultracentrifugation technology has been the world's major industrial countries and provide these devices in terms of strategic and economic restrictions and Pharmaceutical Industries Vaksnsazy country.

He said that the production of this equipment is currently monopolized by two Americans and a Japanese company, said: ultracentrifugation in the fields of pharmaceutical, vaccine, medical, veterinary, biotechnology and molecular biology applications.

Kiasari Abedi said the design of the device Razi industrial production starts soon and hope next year for the production of vaccines in plants used Razi Institute.

Deputy Chairman of Razi said ultracentrifugation with far higher production from 60 thousand in addition to achieving top technologies to improve quantity and quality of vaccine and pharmaceutical production processes leads in the country.


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